Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Activity for the Young Adults!

This is Marcos (left, who is the President of the Young Adults), Leandro and Stefano.  You might wonder why Leandro has a roll of toilet paper on his head.
This is Andrea, Denise and Diego.  These are all great young adults!  For one of our activities, we played a game called the "Mummy Game."

This is Gustavo, Emma the Mummy, and Alan.
We had three teams!  Marcos was mummy #1!

Denise was mummy #2!

Emma was mummy #3.

Each team was competing to be the most clever mummy in 3 minutes!

Emma was wondering if she would be able to breathe!

These guys were fast!!!  It looked like Denise was going to be the first mummy finished!

These guys were really good!

Poor Emma!  Gustavo was doing his job alone!  His partner left to go talk on the phone! 

The toilet paper was flying!!!

The final touches!  Denise is looking awesome!

This is Alan, Emma the Mummy and Gustavo.  They are finished!!!

Bam!  Diego, Denise the Mummy, and Andrea.  They are finished!!!

Marcos is finished!  Cast your vote!

Yikes!  Scary Mummies!!!

Hurry and judge the Mummies!  The toilet paper is falling off!!!


  1. This looks fun! I'm going to remember that for FHE for our family next Halloween!

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